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China's mold local industry is actively demanding transformation

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Molds are the main equipment for the manufacture of modern industrial parts, especially those that are not suitable for metal cutting. Today, China's industrial economy is considerable, and mold domestic demand is gradually expanding. However, in some large-scale precision mold equipment fields, domestic production requirements are not met, and local industries are actively seeking transformation work.

China is a big manufacturing country and a major consumer of industrial products. As one of the necessary equipment for modern industrial development, molds are widely used. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Model Association, believes that at present, China's mold industry trading market is very large, and the annual growth rate of 15% to 20% is mainly due to China's automotive, home appliances, IT industry, packaging, building materials, daily necessities. The development of the mold large user industry.

However, although the demand for molds in the domestic market remains high, there is still a certain gap between China's mold technology and the current international level. The backwardness of mold technology has caused the independent development of many industries in the manufacturing industry to be greatly restricted. The mold of the content is still dependent on imports, and the foreign advanced enterprises have paid more attention to the protection of technology in recent years, which has caused certain difficulties for the introduction of technology by China's mold enterprises.

To this end, we should improve the manufacturing level of China's mold industry as soon as possible. With the continuous development of the national economy and industrial product technology, the demand for molds in various industries has become larger and larger, and the technical requirements are getting higher and higher. The focus is on developing high-tech molds and continuously improving the standardization level of molds in China. At one time, it became the focus of the 12th Five-Year Development. Especially for the precision mold industry that relies on the mold of high-tech products, such as computer casings, connectors and precision plastic molds and precision stamping dies in the manufacture of many components, etc., are tools that are not available for the production of electronic products. equipment.

Nowadays, the technological boom in the mold industry has further accelerated the reform and innovation of China's mold industry, and the structural adjustment of the mold industry has also driven the entire manufacturing industry into a new round of development climax, combined with high-tech mold production technology. Enterprises can complete the design and production process of products more accurately and efficiently, keeping pace with the international market. 

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